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Top-Quality Pavement Markings and Upgrades


  • Traffic Striping
  • Crosswalks
  • Pavement Markings
  • Public Work Projects and Repairs
  • Monument Installation

Parking Lot Striping

New Construction

When you need a bid to do a parking lot, a representative from Tri-Valley Striping visits your site and assesses the configuration. We listen to your goals and provide a range of services that meet your needs. Our designs maximize the lot capacity, ease traffic flow, enhance safety, ensure the site meets all applicable regulations, and make your parking lot more attractive.


We are experts at installing sharp, clear, clean lines and markings and completely covering up old lines. Tri-Valley Striping lays out the striping marks according to regulations, paints in the stripes or other markings, and covers old marks with blackout traffic marking paint. We will keep the site blocked until cars can safely drive over the paint without smearing it.

Signs, Stencils and Painted Curbs

Tri-Valley Striping has a broad range of stencils to provided standardized wording, such as No Parking, ADA Parking, and Reserved Parking. Our painters are expert at using stencils to provide crisp and clearly visible instructions. We also can mark curbs with regulation colors to indicate no parking, loading zone, fire lane, short-term parking, etc.

Sign and Bollard Installation, Repair and Removal

We install bollards to protect buildings and structures and also install signs. Tri-Valley also repairs or removes existing bollards and signs.

Traffic-Calming Devices

We are experienced in installing speed bumps, raised crosswalks, textured pavement, and speed limit signs to slow drivers down and enhance safety.

Wheel-Stop Installation and Removal

Wheel stops help prevent cars from parking too close to a structure or other car. Tri-Valley striping installs wheel stops, replaces old ones, or removes them entirely.

Playground and game court painting

We restripe school yards, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Seal Coat

  • Phased Applications
  • Planned Communities Streets
  • Parking Lots
  • Crack Fill

ADA Compliance

Tri-Valley Striping

ADA Design and Implementation

Handicapped parking sign American Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations are complex, and penalties for noncompliance can be high. Tri-Valley Striping has experts with a thorough understanding of federal and state laws and will make sure that your lot complies with all applicable regulations regarding number and size of ADA stalls.

Stalls and Signs

Truncated Dome Installation, Repair and Removal

Tri-Valley Striping installs truncated domes (warning mats) to alert pedestrians and drivers to areas where they should be especially alert.