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Signs, Stencils, and Painted Curbs

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years

Tri-Valley Striping has a broad range of stencils to provide standardized wording, such as NO PARKING, COMPACT, VISITOR, RESERVED, ELECTRIC VEHICLE ONLY, and others. In addition, we can make custom stencils in various sizes. Our teams are experts at using stencils to provide crisp and visible instructions. 

Curb Painting: Regulation Colors

In addition to our standard sign, stencil, and painting services, Tri-Valley can mark curbs with regulation colors. Whether you need to indicate that a designated area is a no parking zone, loading zone, fire lane, or short-term parking area, Tri-Valley is here to help you get the message across.

Red Curb Painting

Red is the most common regulation color used for curb painting, making up 90% of curb painting projects. Typically red paint is used for no-parking zones and fire lanes. As part of red curb painting, we can apply FIRE LANE NO PARKING stenciling to the face and top of your curb.

Blue Curb Painting

As part of the ADA regulations, a blue painted curb is often used as a designation for disabled-only parking zones. Tri-Valley has over a decade of expertise in implementing ADA-compliant spaces. Our help lets customers quickly verify that their lots and curbs comply with the applicable regulations.

Yellow, Green, and White Curb Painting

When you require curb painting indicating a zone for short-term parking, Tri-Valley provides regulation green curb painting. High-quality stenciling and painting are ideal for these types of projects, as the short-term parking time limits are typically painted directly on the curb and must be clear and legible for drivers. 

On the other hand, white curb painting marks zones where drivers can only stop long enough to pick up or drop off passengers or mail. Yellow zones only allow stopping for the posted time period to load or unload passengers or freight. In yellow zones, drivers of noncommercial vehicles are typically required to stay within their vehicles.

Tri-Valley is often commissioned to paint curbs for schools in the Bay Area, where yellow or white curb paint is used for student loading zones. A yellow curb is often used to indicate a loading zone area. On school properties, yellow and white zones can be used for bus areas, student drop-off, and pick-up designations. This helps to make the busy morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times safer and more organized.

More than Curb Painting Services


Signs are often used in conjunction with curb painting to help further convey a specific message to drivers, whether they call attention to particular parking hours, restrictions on parking, or mark directional traffic. Tri-Valley provides signage options alongside our curb painting services as a comprehensive service provider.


In addition to curb painting and signs, stenciling is another related service offered to Tri-Valley customers. Our stenciling services will meet your needs, from ADA regulations concerning disabled person parking spots to clearly marking school zones and fire lanes.