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Seal Coating Services

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years

While paint and parking lot striping provide aesthetic value to our customers’ paved areas, seal coat offers added value by protecting drive lanes, streets, and parking areas from ultraviolet rays, water erosion, and deteriorating chemicals. Seal coat is a cost-effective way to keep your asphalt from needing pricey repairs. This type of scheduled pavement maintenance will double the life cycle of your asphalt pavement and provide maximum curb appeal.

Phased Applications

At Tri-Valley, we often apply seal coats in phased applications, as most projects require a minimum of two coats for the best possible results. Because the efficacy of seal coat depends on proper temperature ranges and can be affected by precipitation, Tri-Valley is meticulous in planning projects to avoid potentially risky weather conditions. Once both seal coat layers have been applied, it only takes a 24-hour curing period before the paved area is fully drivable again!

Planned Community Streets

No two seal coat projects are the same, as location and use will impact the type of asphalt protection needed. For planned community streets, it is essential to ensure that all requirements are met and that the process is professionally monitored. Streets often endure more wear and tear due to roadway traffic over time, so these projects require seal coats that address the increased risk of asphalt deterioration.

Parking Lots

Seal coat and crack filling are available at a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing asphalt pavement. The key to effective crack filling and sealing is to repair and fill the cracks while they are small, sealing water out, inhibiting crack growth, and preventing new cracks from forming.

Crack Fill

Cracks in asphalt are significant threats to paved areas, as crevices allow precipitation and moisture to compromise pavement and cause erosion at the base level. Crack filling is the solution to this serious issue, as it solves deterioration at the source and lengthens the lifespan of the entire paved area overall.