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Bollard Installation, Repair and Removal

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years

In addition to our striping services, Tri-Valley will install bollards to protect buildings and structures as needed, as well as install signs. Tri-Valley also repairs or removes existing bollards and signs, continuously upholding our reputation as a full-service pavement upgrade company by meeting every need that arises.

Constructing the Right Bollards for You

At Tri-Valley Striping, we install bollards that are built to last, which is why we use high-quality steel for these projects. By using preferable materials, such as a variety of coatings, plastic covers, and paint, our team delivers products that are not only durable, but designed to look aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

These bollards can be constructed according to your needs, meeting the common requirements of various bollard applications:

  • 4″ Bollards
  • 6″ Bollards
  • 8″ Bollards

Where Should Bollards Be Installed?

As protective perimeter devices, bollards can be installed in a wide range of areas to benefit pedestrians and drivers alike. Oftentimes when Tri-Valley installs signs in parking lots or near sidewalks, bollards are also used to ensure that the signage remains intact. This is an especially useful service to use in the case of stop signs, which are critical for driver and pedestrian safety. Bollards are also used where fire hydrants, lamp posts, or megapoles are present.

It is common to see bollards around buildings, often used to protect areas where gas, water, or electrical utilities are posted. Additionally, bollards are used near building entrances to protect pedestrians from vehicles in the vicinity.

Bollards for ADA Compliant Stalls

In addition to less regulated applications, bollards are often used at stalls marked for ADA compliance. There are strict standards regarding these stalls, which is why Tri-Valley has prioritized building a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations that must be followed.

Bollard and Sign Repair

If you have had bollards for a long amount of time, it is likely that they may have been damaged. Tri-Valley offers a repair service in addition to our other bollard-related capabilities. Furthermore, our team is available for re-touching the paint coatings on both bollards and signs when needed.

Bollard Removal

Because Tri-Valley constructs our bollards to last, when pavement upgrades and redesigns are conducted, it can be difficult to remove and relocate these objects when needed. Luckily, our team can just as expertly remove our products from your premises as we can install them. Additionally, Tri-Valley supplies surface mounted bollards, which are designed specifically for easy removal. So if you require a long-lasting bollard but don’t want to commit to permanence, Tri-Valley is the company to contact!