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Traffic-Calming Devices

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years

We take our job of seriously implementing features such as traffic-calming devices, as we understand our role in keeping our citizens and children safe. Tri-Valley is experienced in installing speed bumps, rumble strips, rumble bars, and speed limit signs to slow drivers down. These services have benefitted many customers, from municipal and residential, to paved commercial areas. Our team looks forward to assisting when your traffic-calming needs arise.

Traffic-Calming Devices: Speed Bumps and Humps

Speed bumps and humps are raised obstacles used to jolt the occupants of a vehicle speeding over them. This traffic-calming device quickly catches the attention of drivers and effectively prompts them to slow down. Speed bumps are relatively narrow raised areas, usually two feet wide, while humps are often eight or more. Both can be made from asphalt, plastic, and recycled rubber. Recycled rubber speed bumps and humps are useful in construction areas and office parks because these traffic calming devices are both easily removable.

Traffic-Calming Devices: Speed Limit and Warning Signs

Sometimes the most effective way to calm traffic is simply by re-alerting drivers to the set speed limit. By implementing speed limit signs, our customers improve the safety of their paved roadways and lots. Additionally, signs are often required to warn drivers ahead of speed bumps and upcoming curves. Our traffic calming devices can even be used wherever warnings are necessary, so when you need to grab the attention of drivers safely, contact Tri-Valley for high-quality traffic-calming devices.

Traffic-Calming Devices: Rumble Strips and Bars

Like speed bumps and humps, rumble strips and bars alert drivers to slow down. They consist of slightly raised bumps that provide tactile and audible warnings to the drivers of upcoming situations such as gates, curves, and turns. Both the size and coverage are flexible, providing different levels of warning. Tri-Valley can provide an array of these solutions.