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ADA Compliance

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years

For parking lots to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), proper ADA ramps, stalls, and wheel-stops must be in place. At Tri-Valley, we are dedicated to making paved spaces fully accessible for those with mobility challenges and committed to helping our customers understand the proper striping and sign regulations concerning handicapped spaces. 

Because lots of different sizes require a varying number of ADA stalls, there is no standard striping project; our job at Tri-valley is to ensure every unique project is easy for our customers to navigate.

ADA Design and Implementation

ADA regulations are complex, and penalties for noncompliance can be high. Tri-Valley Striping has a thorough understanding of federal and state laws to ensure your lot complies with all applicable regulations regarding the number and size of ADA stalls. Due to our extensive work with various municipal inspection departments, ADA installations have become a Tri-Valley specialty and an essential business segment.

ADA Stalls and Signs

Tri-Valley’s expertise is the product of years of ADA stall striping and sign installation service— we will position, dimension, and paint your stalls per California and Federal regulations. We understand stall width, access area, sign placement, and clearance requirements. 

Truncated Dome Installation, Repair, and Removal

An essential part of ADA compliance is the placement of tactile warning devices, also known as truncated domes. Truncated domes warn pedestrians that they are entering a hazardous traffic area. Tri-Valley Striping installs, repairs, and removes truncated domes as each project dictates.