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Wheel-Stop Installation & Removal

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years

Wheel stops are an ideal upgrade for many paved lots, as these structures help prevent cars from parking too close to important infrastructure or other vehicles. Tri-Valley striping installs these wheel stops, replaces old ones, or removes them entirely when the need arises. Whether you have a parking lot or a garage needing new wheel stops, Tri-Valley can supply you with upgrades that meet your highest standards. 

Tri-Valley Wheel-Stop Options

Tri-Valley primarily offers our customers the choice between two wheel-stop material options: concrete and rubber. We typically avoid using plastic and other alternatives because they usually provide lower quality results; however, if your project requires a unique solution, Tri-Valley will work with you to find a material option that works for you.

Concrete Parking Stops

Concrete parking stops are a popular choice among Tri-Valley customers. These types of wheel-stops offer a long list of advantages. Firstly, concrete is a relatively cost-effective material, making it ideal for large projects which require a more significant number of wheel stops. Along with their affordability, concrete wheel-stops are also incredibly durable. Customers seeking installations that will stand the test of time choose concrete parking stops for reliable results.

While concrete wheel stops are highly durable, this does come at a slight disadvantage— the concrete blocks are considerably heavy, which can complicate the installation process. Luckily for our customers, Tri-Valley is fully equipped to take care of these installations efficiently, often employing our pallet jacks and forklifts. 

Similarly, because concrete is long-lasting and hard to move, many of our wheel-stop projects are related to removal. Once the concrete eventually breaks down, it can become reasonably dangerous to drivers. Hence, our customers contact our team, knowing that we can just as efficiently remove wheel-stops as we can install them.

Rubber Parking Stops

While concrete is the most widely used wheel-stop material, there are several advantages to choosing rubber parking stops. While rubber is slightly costlier, it is a more lightweight material, making it easier to install. This can be ideal for projects that require a quicker turnaround time. Rubber can also withstand extreme weather conditions, making it another durable wheel-stop material. Moreover, rubber parking stops are often manufactured using reflective paint, making them an excellent option for projects requiring the highest safety standards.

Rubber Parking Stops: The Greener Alternative

The most significant advantage of rubber parking stops is that these wheel stops can be manufactured entirely using recycled rubber material. As a result, rubber parking stops present a greener alternative to concrete, with few drawbacks apart from a slightly increased cost.